There is a huge need to provide clean and sustainable energy in today’s society. Thus, wind turbine blades are increasing in length to increase energy harvest. Unfortunately, the increasing blade lengths are leading to an increase in the occurrence and severity of blade damage. Measuring the bending of torsion allows to control and monitor wind turbine blades. We enable a longer lifetime of blades and increased energy harvest. 


At Theta Optical Technologies we are excited about using optical technologies to solve environmental challenges. We are developing a solution to monitor and reduce wind turbine blade damage.


We are a Southern university of Denmark (SDU) start-up company based on a patented invention by René Lynge Eriksen and Morten Hartvig Hansen.  Morten Hartvig Hansen is a key expert on wind energy, with key knowledge of the manufacturers’ challenges.  René Lynge Eriksen has several years of experience in research on light sources and electro-optical sensors, and together they created the invention called Blade Motion Tracker. Emil Haurum MSc. at that time student developed and tested our first prototype and we acknowledge his commitment and the milestones he achieved. With our roots at the university, we have a strong knowledge and sparring with business developers at SDU RIO.

We are committed to reducing the O&M cost, increasing the lifetime of the blade, and thereby increasing the energy harvest. We are passionate about the potential of the technology, to scale, and accelerate a sustainable future.